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FLJ (Friends-Locked Journal) 
4th-Jan-2020 01:04 pm

I know most of my friends has no LJ,
but this journal F-locked anyway

*the public pics will be posted @ameba.jp/2live4ever

This journal is made especially for me,myself,and I...that's why I wont friend random people so easy.
I dont mind of getting new friends,but I dont wanna freind just anybody,if you know what I mean ^^”.
No,I'm not saying it coz I'm mean/bad/bitchy. The reason is that this journal will have lots of stuff about my life and job,so I'm afraid of those who re-post,copy,tell stuff all around the net…

Here you will find me talking about:
*Events/Places/Concerts I go to
*Relationship and freinds...
*visual kei/J-rock/J-pop idols I find interesting~
*Some weird news I feel like talkin about
*music,movies,maybe fashion


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